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A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by NACHI Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.  

The home inspection is based on the observations made on the date of the inspection, and not a prediction of future conditions. 

The home inspection will not reveal every issue that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed.

You hop on an emotional roller coaster from the minute you decide to sell your home until months after you’re settled in your new place. A million things are going on as you prepare your house. The last thing you need is to be walloped with unexpected and unwanted problems and prevent delays on the sale...you already have enough on your plate! 

The buyer can request a decrease in price because of the problems identified during the inspection. Alternatively, the buyer can ask the you to repair the issue within a specific time frame, which usually hits you with unexpected costs.

Mold testing involves taking a sample of either the air or a surface to find out what kind of mold exists and/or if the mold found is able to grow in the area tested.


Air samples are taken and analyzed in a variety of ways. The most common method uses a "spore trap" and work by having a known volume of air pass impact a sticky surface as it passes through the spore trap sampling device. Most of the particles in the air also impact this sticky surface and consequently adhere to, and are captured on, this sticky surface. 

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First Time Homebuyer

Mr. Formet was very meticulous and professional. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly home inspector.


I highly recommend Mr. Formet to everyone that needs their house inspected.

Bill Winter

Getting Ready to Sell

Thanks Chad for my home inspection.


You found items that I didn’t know needed repaired before sale.

Great write up and appreciate your expertise.

Chris Puff

Needed sold quickly

Chad was great, very professional and punctual. It was a pre-sale inspection and was really a helpful experience in preparation for putting the house on the market. He was able to point things out that I never knew would of been an issue down the road. I would highly recommend C.F Precision Inspections!

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